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Video Belt Review by Military and Survival

550 Paracord Rattlerstrap Belt

RattlerStrap is the result of crafting an everyday accessory out of materials highly revered for their durability, versatility and long lasting characteristics. We aim to blend fashion with function and create gear that can sustain abuse for years. Get strapped with a belt that will outlast all of your others, while providing you with constant access to a valuable material that prepares you for worst case scenarios.

Fit for Survival: You have 80-130 feet (dependent on belt size) of cord that can be used for snares, tourniquets, shelters, tie lines, rappelling, or stripped down to smaller threads for sewing, stitching, or fishing wire. You'll always be prepared.

Fit for Travel: The titanium buckle is non-magnetic which allows this belt to pass through TSA metal detectors undetected. No hard edges and the round cord prevent irritation of your waistline while sitting for long periods.

Fit for You: The days of poking holes in your warped leather belt will be in the past as this belt is infinitely adjustable, and custom made.

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