RattlerStrap History

On a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia, I became increasingly interested in the concept of less is more. I was traveling entirely out of a 26 liter Goruck GR1 backpack, so there was no room to spare and every article of gear, clothing, and personal hygiene had to be absolutely essential and, if possible, serve dual purposes. My wife made some paracord bracelets during this trip abroad and I was impressed with how well they held up. They also offered me a second potential emergency-use cordage. 

After arriving home to the states, my wife and I moved back to Las Vegas where we both worked full-time on the Strip. I had thought about starting a business for years but I always had an excuse. Amidst a particularly obsessive wanting-to-start-a-business phase that lasted weeks, I asked my wife if she could make a paracord belt just like the bracelets. She did. It was incredible, like no other belt I had ever owned. Weatherproof, lightweight, super strong, resilient to warping, and badass looking to boot. We named the company RattlerStrap, after the rattlesnake-shaped end design on the double cobra weave. My wife taught herself to program a basic website and we ordered enough supplies to make 5 belts. Four months later, we received our first order (two belts)! Slowly we built up, ordering as many supplies as we could afford with the profits, and crafting the belts in our spare time. Today we sell thousands of paracord belts all over the world. My wife continues to build our websites, and we run the business together out of our hometown of Moscow, Idaho. Thankfully, we now have master weavers to help us tie all those knots!