Gun Metal Edition

Gun Metal Edition


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Paracord is only useful if you have some when and where you need it. That's why we use this incredibly versatile material to craft a reliable belt that fits well and features many unique advantages. 

+ 80+ feet of American made 550 paracord in each belt (10x a bracelet).

+ Infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit.

+ Lightweight for long distances.

+ All weather, wearable in water, won't rot or mildew.


The Gun Metal Edition is our third major belt iteration since changing the Titan Series buckle design back in 2012. It's the culmination of years of feedback from customers all over the world and a major optimization of our manufacturing process. We spent months testing non-titanium buckle alternatives before finding one that met our standards. This new buckle needed to age well, reflect our beliefs in solid, minimalist design, and aesthetically fit into a wide range of different settings. That's bullspeak for it needed to look bad ass, and hold up to wear and tear.

This belt features an updated version of the double-cobra weave which results in a slimmer profile and decreased width. By removing two inner strands, this belt becomes more flexible out of the box and better suited for wearing a holster or other mounted accessories.

+ Gun metal alloy buckle.

+ Comfortable right out of the box, less rigid than other belt materials.

+ Resilient double-cobra design for everyday wear.

+ The same USA made cord found in our Titan series.

RattlerStrap Guarantee:

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to take your belt apart to use the paracord, send us the buckle and we will remake your belt at no extra cost.

*Due to paracord availability, all paracord belts will be re-crafted with black paracord.





We would like to extend this series in the near future, but for the time being, we only have 50 belts available. If your size is not available, check out our premium Titan Series, or subscribe below for future releases.

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